On-Site Repair

Nunes Instruments has a mobile team comprises of qualified engineers with necessary equipments and tools. With prior appointment, they visit your place and stay to carry out the repairs. This facility is Suitable for Engineering Colleges, Polytechnics and Government Organisation. Click here for the list of instituions we have served.


  • Step 1 Send us written request with list of Instruments for on-site service. The list should contain the particulars such as Name of the Equipment, Make, Model, Quantity and Brief about Defect.
  • Step 2 Estimate Confirmation: On receipt of your written request we will submit our repair estimate for your confirmation.
  • Step 3 Advance Booking: On receipt of your confirmation we will schedule a period for carrying out the repair in your campus.


Terms and Conditions for On-Site Repair

  • Work Order : Work order should be issued accepting our rates along with terms and conditions.
  • Work Schedule: On receipt of your Work order date of commencement of work will be scheduled. The Mobile Team will be deployed on first come first serve basis .
  • Work Duration : The above work will be completed within 1 to 2 months from the date of commencement subject to availability of spares.
  • Work Place : A Separate room with lock and key should be arranged to carryout repair work.
  • Working Hours Permission should be given to work from 8 AM to 8 PM. Including Sundays and Holidays.
  • Food & Accommodation Food and Accommodation should be provided at your cost for Engineers.
  • Advance Payment Advance payment of 30% (Thirty Percent) of work order should be paid by cash within a week on commencement of work.
  • Inspection & Test Report On completion of Each batch of Instruments should be Inspected, tested and certified by the concerned Department on the same day without delay to enable us to submit bills for payment.
  • Final Settlement Balance Payment of bills may be settled immediately on completion of work and certification by Department Head.
  • Guarantee We offer a guarantee of six months .


  • Saves Time : No Transportation. No travel to carry the instruments.
  • Saves Money : No need to transport your instruments. No packing. No loading or unloading. No breakages of your costly equipment during transportation. No transportation charges. No escorting. So no Travel. Save Travel and Communication Expenses.
  • Get Training : Your own college students can be given on-job practical training for servicing equipments by participating the repair process.

The following is the list of Educational Institutions benfited by our services and On-Site Repair Scheme. Click on the links to view the Document proof.

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