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Are you searching any special equipment which is commonly not available in the market? Contact Us with details of product specification and usage details we will source such type of equipment and supply to you. Please note that we donot supply commonly available products.


Abel Flash Point Apparatus
Abrasion Tester
Acidity /Alkalinity Concentration Analyzer
Aflatoxin Analyzer
Aggregate Testing Instruments
Air Velocity Meter
Alnico Magnet
Analog Communication Trainer
Analytical Instrument
Anemometer Transmitters
Auto Analyzers
Auto Gas Permeability Tester
Automatic Fire Detection & Alarm
Automatic Kjeldahl Nitrogen Determination System
Automatic Level
Auto Level
Automatic polar graph
Automatic Seed Counter
Bar Graph Indicators
Baro Thermo Hygro Meter
Basic Vlsi Trainer Kit
Benchtop Sodium Meter
Bio Medical Instrument & Equipment
Bio Technology Equipment
Bitumen Testing Instrument
Blue Tooth Training System
Boltzman Constant Kit
Broken Rice Separator
Brookfield Viscometer
Buchi Apparatus
Cable Fault Locator
Cam Analysis
Canin Corrosion Analysis Instrument
Capacitance Level Transmitter
Carbon Black Dispersion Tester
Carbon dioxide recorders
Carbon Sulphur Determination Apparatus
Cement Testing Instrument
Chemical Laboratory Instrument
Chlorophyll Tester/Meter
Civil Engineering Instruments
Cleveland Flash Point Apparatus
Coating Thickness Gauge
Colorimetric Analyzers
Communication Trainers
Compression Tester
Computer Laptop
Concrete Pocket Penetrometer
Concrete Testing Instrument
Conductivity Analyzer
Control Demonstration System
Core Drilling Machine
Cube Testing Machines
Cup Counter Anemometer
Dart Impact Tester
Density Gradient Column
Detection System
Diagnostic Insulation Tester
Dielectric Constant Kit
Digital Alcohol Breath Analyzer
Digital Bomb Caloric Meters
Digital Bulk Density Apparatus
Digital Communication Trainer
Digital Concrete Hammer
Digital Electronic Trainers
Digital Fluri Meter
Digital Friability Apparatus
Digital Fruit Pressure Tester
Digital Gas Detector Monitor
Digital Gauss Meter
Digital Gloss Meter
Digital Grain Moisture Meter
Digital Lux Meter
Digital Manometer
Digital Multimeter
Digital Paper Moisture Meter
Digital Pattern Generator
Digital Ph Meter
Digital Portable Leaf Area Meter
Digital Pressure Gauge
Digital Rota Rod
Digital Single Pan Balances
Digital Sound Level Meter
Digital Stroboscope
Digital Tachometer
Digital Tensile Testing Machine
Digital Torque Tester
Digital Turbid meter
Digital Vibration Meter
Digital Wood Moisture Meter
Dipole Meter
Dissolved Oxygen Meter
Distance Measuring Meters
Dot Area Meter
Dumpy Level
Earth Insulation Tester
Electrical Instrument
Electrical Machines Trainer
Electrical Seed Attracts Pen
Electro Hydraulic Training System
Electro Pneumatic Training System
Electromagnetic Flow Meter
Electronic Digital Theodilite
Electronic Laboratory Trainers
Electronic Total Station
Electrophoresis apparatus/system
Encoder Repair & Service
Energy Analysis Measurement Instrument
Extractor for Cellulose and Fiber Analysis
Fat Analyzer
Fatigue Testing Machine
Fatty acid tester
Ferrite Magnet
Fiber Optic Instrument
Field Density Apparatus
Film Glass Touch Panels
Flame Detector
Flame Photo Meters
Flammability Tester
Flexible Magnet
Flexible Manufacturing System Trainer
Flexure Testing Machine
Flourier Analysis Kit
Flours fineness grade tester(GB code)
Flow Control Instrument
Flow Cup Visco Meters
Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
Food viscometer
Force Gauge
Fpga/Cpld Trainer
Fridge Magnet
Fruit Sclerometer
Function Generators
Gas Analysis Measurement Instrument
Gas Detector
Gene PCR
Geo Technical Equipment
Geotextile Testing Instruments
Global Positioning System
Grain Moisture Fast Meter/Tester
Grain Sclerometer
Grain Screening Instrument/Vermin Screening
Gravity Feed Metal Detector
Hand Held Laser Distance Meter
Hardness Tester
Hazardous Gas Detectors
Haze Gloss Meter
Haze Meter
Heat Transfer Apparatus
Hegman Gauge
High Precision Equipment
High Precision Tool
High Voltage Test Equipment
Humidity Temperature Transmitter
Hydraulic Jack
Hydraulic Training Kit
Hydrazine Analyzer
Hydro Static Pressure Testing Equipment
Hydrological Instruments
Hygrothermograph Recorders
Inclined Horizontal Impact Tester
Industrial Control Instrument
Industrial Laboratory Trainers
Infra Red Radiation Analyzer Detection Instrument
Infra Red Thermometer
Instrument for determination of gluten in wheat flour (gluten tester)
Instrumentation Tutor For Load Cell
Integrated Static Gps
Intelligence Artificial Climate Box
Intelligence Light Incubator/Box
Intelligence white tester
Inter Penetration Model
Isdn Trainer
Klystron Power Supply
Laboratory Instrument Repair & Service
Laminar Flow Cabinet
Lan Trainer
Laser Experimental Apparatus
Laser Instrument
Lathe Tool Dynamometer
Lattice Dynamics Kit
Leak Detection Instrument
Leak Test Apparatus
Level & Control Measurement Demonstration Setup
Level Control Instrument
Leveling Staff
Linear Variable Differential Demonstration Setup
Loop Calibrator
Lovibond colorimeter
Lube Oil Lab
Lux Transmitter
Magnetic Amplifier Demonstration Setup
Magnetic Assemblies
Magnetic Compound
Magnetic Jewelry
Magnetic Powder
Magnetic Separator
Meat Moisture Tester
Mechanical Extensometer
Melt Flow Index Tester
Metallurgical Instrument
Meteorological Instrument
Michelson Interferometer
Micro Biology Instrument
Micro Scan Metal Detector System
Microcontroller Emulation Trainer
Microwave Trainer
Milikams Oil Drop Experimental Apparatus
Milling Tool Dynamometer
Mini Weather Station
Mitutoyo Measuring Instruments
Mobile Communication Trainer Gsm/Gprs/Cdma
Monitoring Instrument
Mossos Erograph
Motorized Crock Meter
Multi Plate Clutch
Ndfeb Magnet
Network Control Trainer
NitrogenPhosphorusCalcium analysis
NMR(nuclear magnetic resonance) test oil length instrument
Oil Content Of Petroleum Wax
Oil Flow Meter
Opacity Tester
Optical Fiber Optic Apparatus
Oxygen Index Tester
Paddy pounder for Experiment
Paint Pressure Tester
Paper Brightness & Cast Meter
Permeability Tester
Pesky Martine Flash Point Apparatus
Pesticides retention tester
Ph Meter
Pharmaceutical Instrument
Phosphate Analyzer
Physics Laboratory Trainers
Pic Trainer.
Pid Controllers
Plc Trainer
Pneumatic Robot Trainer
Pneumatic Training Systems
Portable Area Meter/Tester
Portable Dissolved-oxygen Analyzer
Portable luminometer
Portable Sugar Meter
Power Electronic Trainers
Precision Measuring Instrument
Pressure Control Instrument
Pressure Demonstration Setup
Pressure Level Control Instrument
Pressure Transmitter
Printed Circuit Board
Process Control Instrumentation
Process Control Trainer
Process Indicator Controller
Process Scanners
Production Engineering Instrument
Profile Projector
Proformetor Rebar Locator
Proving Rings
Quality Control Instrument
R & D Equipment
Rain Gauge
Redwood Viscometer
Reflector Less Total Station
Refrigerant Gas Leak Detectors
Rice polishing machine
Rock Testing Instruments
Rockwell Hardness Tester
Ruberg's Constant Apparatus
Salinity Meter
Salt Spray Chambers
Say Bolt Viscometer
Scientific Instrument
Scrap Analytical Instrument
Scrap Bio Medical Instrument
Scrap Electronic Instrument
Scrap Laboratory Instrument
Scrap Scientific Equipment
Scrap Survey Instrument
Scratch Hardness Tester
Second Hand Analytical Instrument
Second Hand Bio Medical Equipment
Second Hand Electrical Instrument
Second Hand Electronic Instrument
Second Hand Mechanical Instrument
Second Hand Scientific Instrument
Second Hand Survey Equipment Buyers
Security Control Training System
Sedimentation Value tester
Seed Ageing Cabinet/Box
Seed Counters
Sensor Equipment
Shimadzu Digital Balance
Shore Hardness Tester
Silica / Phosphate / Copper / Iron / Hydrazine Analyzer
Slica Analyzer
Slump Test Apparatus
Smco Magnets
Smoke Detector
Sodium Analyzer
Soil Analyzer Kit
Soil Moisture-Temperature Meter/ Tester
Soil PH-Moisture Meter/Tester
Soil Testing Instruments
Solar Meter
Sound Level Meter
Specific Gravity Tester
Spectronic 21 D Service Repairs
Speedy Moisture Meter
Spiro Meter
Spring Testing Machine
Standard Penetrometer
Steam Engine Model
Stefan's Constant Kit
Stepper Motor Demonstration Setup
Stiffness Tester
Strain Gauge Demonstration Setup
Strip Chart Recorders
Study Tutor For Level Measurement
Study Tutor For Linear Differential Transformer
Study Tutor For Load Cell Measurement
Study Tutor For Pressure Measurement
Study Tutor For Voltage To Current Conversion
Study Tutor For Water Level Measurement
Sunshine Recorder
Super Speed Kymograph
Surface Measuring Instrument
Surface Roughness Tester
Survey Instrument
Tabler Abrasion Tester
Tea moisture tester
Telephone Communication Trainer
Temperature Transmitter
Tension Meter
Textile Testing Instrument
Theory Of Machine Laboratory
Thermodynamics Laboratory
Tico Ultrasonic Instruments
Tilting Level
Torque Measurement Instrument
Torque Wrench
Transit Vernier Theodilite
Turbidity Meter
Turbidity Nephelo Meter
Turbine Flow Meter
Turbo Charger
Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath
Ultrasonic Level Transmitter
Unevenness Tester
Unipharma Metal Detector
Universal Bh Curve Tracer
Universal Process Calibrator
Urino Meter
Uv Spectro Photo Meters
Vacuum Seed Counting And Planting
Vertical Impact Drop Tester
Vibration Measuring Instrument
Vibration Transmitter
Vicar Softening Point Apparatus
Vickers Hardness Tester
Vlsi & Embedded Trainer Kit
Vsrw Meter
Wan Trainer
Wankel Engine
Water Analyzer Kit
Whirling Of Shafts Apparatus
3D Instrument & Equipment
Agilent Instrument & Equipment
Anritsu Instrument & Equipment
Baker Instrument & Equipment
Beckman Instrument & Equipment
Bosch Instrument & Equipment
Bruel - Kjaer Instrument & Equipment
Dwyer Instrument & Equipment
Ericsson Instrument & Equipment
Extech Instrument & Equipment
Fisher Scientific Instrument & Equipment
Fluke Instrument & Equipment
Hanna Instrument & Equipment
Hewlett Packard Instrument & Equipment
Hioki Instrument & Equipment
Hitachi Instrument & Equipment
Honeywell Instrument & Equipment
HP - Agilent Instrument & Equipment
Hughes Instrument & Equipment
Huntron Instrument & Equipment
Keithley Instrument & Equipment
Kenwood Instrument & Equipment
Megger Instrument & Equipment
Mikron Instrument & Equipment
Milwaukee Instrument & Equipment
National Instrument & Equipment
Panasonic Instrument & Equipment
Pendulum Instrument & Equipment
Perkins Instrument & Equipment
Philips Instrument & Equipment
Polar Instrument & Equipment
Schlumberger Instrument & Equipment
Siemens Instrument & Equipment
Simpson Instrument & Equipment
Sony Instrument & Equipment
Tektronix Instrument & Equipment
Thunder Scientific Instrument & Equipment
Yokogawa Instrument & Equipment